Circular design made in Montreal.

We transform plastic waste
into recyclable design objects & furniture.

Recyclable circular design.
Designed & 3D printed-to-order in Montréal.
Made from recycled plastic.

Cyrc does circular design ⟲

Products you buy from Cyrc are made from recycled materials and designed to be recycled again.

Life is full of changes, don't worry. When you no longer have a use for your Cyrc product, it will be returned to Cyrc (for free) and we'll recycle the materials into new products!

Together, we can ensure that the materials never end up in a landfill or the environment.

The pursuit of ethical, climate-positive, zero-waste furniture is what drives us.

It is imperative that we create a future where the simple act of owning a chair doesn't come with hidden costs from extraction, production, and exploitation. There are deep-rooted systems in our globalized economy that are fundamentally unsustainable. In order to put sustainability above all else, we had to start from scratch and redesign the entire process of furniture production from materials to distribution.

Today's plastic will be with us for another 20 generations.
Let's change single-use into forever-use.